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The optional full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza on Friday February 23rd is SOLD OUT! for placement on the waiting list.




Sold out in October! Registration is closed for Thursday - Sunday.

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Please specify your waitlist request: full weekend retreat or full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza. If both please advise. Thank you.


Dr. Joe Dispenza optional full day Friday February 23rd held at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock is SOLD OUT!


Please email to be placed on our waiting list.


Please specify your waitlist request: full weekend retreat or full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you are interested in both, please advise, thank you.



*Post-conference seminars held at Sedona Creative Life.


Self-Empowered Wisdom

Thursday - Sunday, February 22-25, 2018


Please email to be placed on our waiting list.


Please specify your waitlist request: full weekend retreat or full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Or both!! Thank you.



Our venue is the stunning Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock*

Our sleeping room block at the Hilton Bell rock is sold out. Please call the hotel directly for additional options. 929-284-4040


We have an additional sleeping room discounted block available at

Poco Diablo resort and spa.

6 miles from the Hilton on scenic route 179.

Ask for the Stellar 2018 rate!

Poco Diablo Resort & Spa

1752 State Route 179, Sedona, Az 86336

Tel 928-282-7333


 About our presenters page

 2018 Schedule

Embracing Bliss!


The Spirit of Enlightened Conversation.  


The retreat of the year! Held in the magic and mystery of

red rock country! Sedona, AZ.



Thursday evening February 22nd from 7-9 pm

Opening Ceremony


Francisco Moo coming to us from Mayaland, welcomes you with a peace prayer, in the Mayan language.


Ayni Dispatcho from 7:30 pm- 9:00 pm.  


What are you grateful for? Led by Jorge Luis Delgado.

We set our intention for the week-end and express gratitude for all that is.

The Ayni Despacho is a powerful way to bring balance and healing to our planet as well as our powerful prayers and intentions for our own lives and those of our families and friends.

Jorge Luis Delgado is a chacaruna "a bridge person" connecting with all that is, and the highest vibration of yourself.


 24 crystal bowls and Irene Ingalls create a Sound Bath, a unique and wonderful blend of sound concert and transformative healing. It's a sensory experience in which you are awash in sound vibrations produced by singing bowls.



Opening ceremony  – Jorge Luis Delgado from Peru

Francisco Moo from Mayaland and Irene Ingalls from Seattle Sound Temple


Friday February 23rd

Optional Full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza 9-3 pm


Friday evening

Kelley Alexander J.D. and Gregg Braden 7-10 pm



A  full day with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden, concluding with our unplugged conversations. You and the presenters exploring possibilities and co-creating new potentials. Co-create intentions in the SPIRIT OF ENLIGHTENED CONVERSATIONS!

Also presenting Martha Reich, Martha will gift us with music to enrich the heart and soul on Saturday afternoon.

Lunch is included!


Saturday evening optional film.



Sunday full day with Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein

The universe and how we are connected.

Lunch is included!


Sunday closing ceremony.

7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Inspirational Talk and Music-Infused Activation Ceremony by Sherab "Shey" Khandro followed by the "Still, Chill, Thrill" music by Valerie Romanoff and SpiritJamfest


* Post-retreat seminars held at Sedona Creative Life Center


Optional film, Saturday evening, February 24th. Register for the film

Held at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock.


Optional full day with Jorge Luis Delgado

Pachacuti: Return to Joy! With Chumpi Cuya Ceremony!

Monday February 26th post retreat seminar at the Sedona Creative Life Center. $225.00 Register Here


Ancestral ceremony of Chumpi Cuyas (energy bands to be used in the body and that receive the blessing of the Ajayus from Hanan Pacha, Uku Pacha, Kai Pacha, Mama Pacha, from the heart of the Inca, which bring abundance and wisdom).


This energetic ceremony of the Ajayus blessing directly invokes the forces of the multiverse, so that Ajayus light benefits, feeds and strengthens the person. Then we use the seven alabaster stones with their respective circles of light carved in each stone.

We use it as follows:


The person to be benefited with these ajayus, places the band on the sacrum, between the last bone of the spine and the solar plexus.


Then invoke, in the way that corresponds to the community, the names of the deities which are known in the region, asking for permission from the Mothers, the Auquis and the Apus. While invoking, do a cleansing ritual with agua florida, chonta wood and incense or oil that releases the heavy energies of the person.


The person performing the ceremony asks the entities, such as Mother Earth, to accept the heavy energies of the person being treated. For that, it’s necessary to move the hands touching the person’s body and taking the hand down to the ground. The person must be aware that all the fears, concerns and feelings of guilt are given away and that they are being release of all that.


Once the cleansing ceremony is done, we start using the one-pointed stone (the cuya with three circles), this is the key to open the popkqo or light bubble. We ask for the person Ajayu’s permission (the person’s spirit), and having as witness to the being of light to open the person’s light bubble. From the center of the top part of the head, move in three counterclockwise circles.


At the end, place the cuya whitin the band (chumpi). After that, use the two- pointed cuya (stone) with its respective circles.This two-pointed cuya is used to anchor the blessings of the first and must be moved from the top part of the head to the back, following the spine to the last vertebrae and then returning to the tos of the head to continue rubbing the front part of the treated person to the feet. Then, the cuya (stone), should be placed within the chumpi.


Next, take the three-pointed cuya (stone) – blessings of the two-pointed cuya are transferred to the three pointed one – and place it in the band. Then, the ceremony performer should kneel to pull up the energies of the Uku Pacha to the sacrum, using one of the three points of the cuya (stone), repeating the name of the person who is receiving the blessings. Then to the right foot to receive the energies of the Mother Earth. Once this is done, place the cuya within the chumpi.


Now, continue taking the four-pointed cuya – blessings of the three pointed cuya are transferred to the four pointed one – and place it in the band. This cuya will be connected with the navel, with the Q’sqo, where the blessings of the Kai Pacha will be anchored. It has to be transferred from the navel to the spine using one of the points, and then, with the other point bring it back to the navel, offering gratitude to the Kai Pacha – to the real world. Repeat this on the other side of the body to anchor the Puma’s blessings – the here and now.  


Blessings of the four-pointed cuya are transferred to the five-pointed one. Those are the blessings that go from the navel (Qosqo) to heart of the Inca. The person raises his arms so that from the heart of the Inca reconnects with the person’s heart or with his Inner Sun. Wraps pressings on the back and return to the heart completing the band and turn to the other side.


Blessings of the five-pointed cuya are transferred to the six-pointed one. Then continue to the throat where blessings of abundance, in all aspects of life, are anchored. Spiritual Abundance, aesthetic wealth or beauty and material wealth. The, blessings of the six-pointed stone are transferred to the seven-pointed one.


We take the seven-pointed stone up to the person’s forehead where blessings of wisdom are anchored showing gratitude to Cotos for teaching us to observe the big picture realizing that everything is interconnected, reciprocal and proportionate. Move the cuya from the center of the forehead to the neck and back, where the seven blessings are tied, and finally to close the first cuya (stone), as if we close a flower, with the hands raised upward, and with the one- pointed stone, close in three counter-clockwise circles.


In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge Luis Delgado is expert at walking this path between both worlds. He received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the Wise Ones of the Andes, and from the Qero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendants of the Incas.


Jorge Delgado was born in a small Andean village in Peru. In his book, Andean Awakening, Delgado opens the door to his mystical homeland as he describes his own journey of awakening and packs his personal narrative wiht fascinating details about Peru, her history, culture, mythos and magic. Delgado is our personal chacaruna- a bridge person who helps others cross from one state of consciousness to another. Delgado bridges us to the spiritual powers of the Andes, of Peru and the legend of the Inca- the return of the children of the sun.

In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Author of Andean Awakening: an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru and the forthcoming book, Pachacuti: Return to Joy, Jorge Luis is recognized worldwide as an authority on Inca philosophy, spirituality and tradition.


Jorge Luis has brought to public attention the Aramu Muru Doorway, an inter-dimensional portal located in the Hayu Marca mountains in south Peru. He is also a founding member of The Brotherhood of the Solar Disc, an Andean esoteric society.


Jorge Luis is clearly an embodied wayshower for this new Earth that we are creating. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging, one leading to a Golden Age. He is a keeper of the ancient knowledge and uses it to assist in healing for all who are ready.


Jorge Luis Delgado is the founder and owner of Kontiki Tour Company and owner of hotels in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Most importantly, Jorge Luis is known and respected by the Andean priests and indigenous people of the region. In addition to his native Spanish, Jorge Luis speaks fluent English and three indigenous languages.


Jorge Luis is a frequent guest on the History Chanel's  Ancient Ancestors TV series, has hosted and remains in contact with such notable people as Don Miguel Ruiz, Bo Bingham (grandson of Hiram Bingham), and David Childress, author of the Lost Cities Series.


Optional full day with Jorge Luis Delgado

Pachacuti: Return to Joy!

Monday February 26th post retreat seminar at the Sedona Creative Life Center. $225.00 Register Here



Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza, will be presenting cutting edge information from their new books, along with heart-opening meditations and interactive presentations. Our “Unplugged Panel Discussion” is highlighted again this year.


Immerse yourself in the essence of joy and gratitude as you begin the new year with kindred spirits from throughout the world. Come together as one heart, as we embrace the oneness that we are!  


Enhanced by some of Sedona’s finest presenters such as Kelley Alexander, J.D. from The Sanctuary at Sedona, native American ceremonial leaders and friends from the land of the Mayas, we will celebrate YOU.


Closing the day on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm, music capturing the essence of the heart with Martha Reich. Martha has received a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement for Protest Music and Emerging Artist in the 2016 Global Music Awards, 2015 Southwest Independent Music Awards Winner and 2014 New Mexico Music Awards Winner for Best Folk Song. She has performed at some of the most respected venues in New Mexico, throughout the country and internationally. 

“Martha's music transcends tradition and language in a way that is moving, honest, and rare. Each song feels as though she's written it just for you  – to tell you something important about life."  – Gregg Braden


Join us for a life-changing experience at the newly renovated Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock with a backdrop of the world-famous red rocks. Relax in the renowned Eforea Spa and bathe in the mystical vortex energy.


Call 928.451.4670 cell  or office land line 928.284.0791

or email





Terms and Conditions:

There are no refunds once you have purchased your space for our retreat.
Each year we create a collaborative, interactive experience and we welcome you! We have commitments to the presenters which are non-refundable, thus we are not able to refund your registration once purchased. Thank you for your understanding.


Commitment Policy:

Your weekend fee is not refundable as stated above, but it is transferable. Should you wish to transfer your ticket to someone else email our office please: no later than January 23, 2018, to let us know who will be taking your place.


Once you purchase your ticket it is non-refundable.
Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in Sedona.




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Opening address Friday evening.

Kelley Alexander J.D.


Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza

Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza


Saturday afternoon unplugged! 

Gregg Braden                Dr. Joe Dispenza

Sunday full day with Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein.


Saturday afternoon music

Martha Reich Braden


Opening Ceremony



Francisco Moo

Irene Ingalls



Jorge Luis Delgado



Sunday evening closing

Shey Khandro




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