Change: Finding the Gift in Shift

January 11 - 13, 2008

Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa

Panel Speakers

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On Sunday, enjoy an interactive panel discussion with our esteemed panel of healers. Moderator Sharon Hooper will lead the conversation. Find out how our panel of healers and teachers assists their clients in the shift process and finding the gifts therein. Learn to use these vital techniques for yourself!


Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen brings together a decade of training in clairvoyance, healing, mediumship and alchemy to offer a unique perspective in his sessions as an energy healer and psychic. Jeff enjoys teaching and bringing out these gifts in others. His classes are interactive, light-hearted and fun.

Be sure to visit Jeff at the Bio-Electrics booth.



Dr. William N. Brown

Dr. William N. Brown is an internationally recognized expert in lymphatic drainage, massage, and the original Vodder technique -- an ancient vibrational methodology very popular in Europe . It accelerates the healing process by cleansing the body, balancing the hormones and strengthening the immune system. Energetic lymphatic massage/manipulation also increases the quantity and quality of nutrition available at the cellular level. The increase of nutrition as a result of this process helps to strengthen the bodyís defense against allergies and other suppressed immune system syndromes. You donít have to suffer from ill health even in cases of extreme impairment. Lymphatic Massage/Manipulation is a safe, gentle and effective treatment to assist you in restoring your body to optimum health.

Visit Dr. Brown at his exhibitor's booth.


Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros, author of Spirit of the Stones - A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom , is a ceremonialist and EarthSpirit wisdom guide. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and Counselor, who has worked in the field of health and consciousness for over 24 years. She was the private health practitioner and body worker for the renowned Australian band "INXS" for over 6 years.

She has garnered a notable reputation as a ceremonial dancer for the inauguration of special events and conferences and for her ability as a powerful facilitator of her EarthSpirit Shamanic Dance workshops.

A service of her mastery is the embodiment of the Spirit Self and to inspire us to reconnect with the Earth as a Sacred Temple of Living Spirit.


Gavin Carruthers

Gavin Carruthers is one of Sedonaís best-known and most respected astrologers. He has been a professional consultant and teacher for more than 30 years, has lectured at several
astrological seminars and has touched the lives of thousands with his insightful perspectives. His purpose as an astrologer is to support his clients and students in knowing themselves more deeply, and to better align with their spiritual purpose. Gavinís approach is both positive and supportive, combining his astrological insights with spiritual and psychological awareness. He is available for private consultations and personal tutoring.

Visit Gavin at his exhibitor's booth Gavin is available for mini-astrology readings on Saturday and Sunday. Birth chart readings and astro-locality. Sign up by calling Gavin at (928) 204-2277 (or e-mailing ) with date, time and place of birth. $50 .


Cher Lyn

Cher Lyn is a mystic visionary painter, a shamanic healer, and an original artist who has painted in daily dedication since 1986. She has long been inspired by nature and has lived and painted on Ancient Chumash ceremonial land in the mountains of Malibu, California, in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Mauiís magical Hawaii and in Glastonbury, England on the Holy Isle of Avalon.

Visit Cher Lyn at her Amazon herbs booth.



Mason Rumney

Living on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado created a desire within Mason to live the natural life style in harmony with the earth. Delving into research to create his dream, Mason pursued an efficient direction to living with the earth. After years of experience with solar energy and an investment with his Colorado dome home, Mason finally put the two concepts together.

Dome shaped structures focus life energy into their occupants, thereby positively influencing their lives. Recognizing the fact that not all humans are square shaped, Masonry Domes specializes in building domes as a home alternative, typically on land suited to alternative living.







Panel Moderator Sharon Hooper is a Professional Certified Coach. For more than 25 years, she has assisted people to reach their aspirations both professionally and personally. Vision Journeys offers Retreats, Vision Mapping, Teleclasses, Seminars, and Telephone Coaching for businesses, groups, and individuals in the red rocks of Sedona , Arizona .















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