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Intuitive Readings with Leah

Leah Denmark is a clairvoyant, hand analyst, relationship psychic, channel, counselor and Master Energy Healer.


She has worked in both the corporate world and in private practice, specializing in guiding people from all walks of life to connect their inner wisdom and authenticity with their outer reality, and to bridge the gap between the two worlds. Her laser-focused psychic guidance and transformational counseling programs deliver clear insight and deeper understanding, and offer practical alternatives to old worn out patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that are no longer spiritually sustainable. Leah is passionate about helping people elevate their consciousness, align with their highest calling, and activate energetic pathways to promote true abundance, meaningful relationships, fulfilling work and prosperity on every level.


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Voice of Sedona Hikes

Join Robin Weeks to explore nature and the voice of nature here in Sedona. You’ll walk and talk about the rocks, plants and animals – how they all work together to create an ecosystem – and explore deeper perspectives that go beyond our typical sense perceptions. 


Robin has always been blessed with a deep love of the natural world, and this has lead him on a long and deep inquiry into the world’s two main avenues for the exploration of nature – spirituality and science. Robin has a PhD in Geological Sciences and an MA in Religious Studies (from Naropa University). 


These seemingly distinct fields come together for him while hiking in the Sedona Red Rocks.  Knowing about the rocks, plants and animals is merely the beginning of a deeper journey into a relationship with them, and with the land itself. Through a sensitivity to spirit, and informed by science, one might come to hear what I call the Voice of Sedona. Nature speaks especially clearly here, and for Robin, it’s another way to talk about the vortexes of Sedona.


These guided walks and hikes are for a maximum of four people, and are available on a donation basis for those attending the Self-Empowered Wisdom Seminar. Robin hopes to meet you out on the awe-inspiring land of Sedona.


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