Embracing Bliss 2019

Sponsor Exhibits/Product Store

June 6th - 9th 2019


Stellar is grateful for the support of our long-time sponsor, The Sanctuary at Sedona. They've been with us since the beginning of our journey and continue to support us in bringing you transformational programming each year.


The Sanctuary is a pioneer in the field of addiction recovery. They developed and implemented their revolutionary Integrative Addiction Recovery program that helps clients to move past recovery and be recovered. Their Arizona Drug Rehab is a 30-day, residential program combining leading-edge science from western medicine with ancient wisdom and healing modalities in a way that delivers measurable results; treats the whole person – mind, body, soul and spirit; and addresses the root cause behind the addiction, rather than following a disease model and managing symptoms.








2019 Sponsor Exhibits/Product Store


Please visit our product store this weekend. Not only do we have great products for sale, but a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Sedona independent school district.


This district serves Sedona, Oak Creek and Red Rock. It operates Sedona Red Rock High which includes our beautiful venue, as well as the West Sedona School and Big Park Community School. So, visiting the product store is a great way to support education here in Sedona. Visit early and often!


Here’s what you’ll find at the product store:


Carla’s Corner Bookstore


The bookstore will be selling books and products from Dr. Joe, Gregg Braden, Heart Math, and other great products. Gregg Braden will be signing books this weekend. We suggest buying your book before the book signing. The bookstore staff says to come on by, say hi, and check out all our wonderful products.


doTERRA Essential Oils


Join Nicole Almeida and Corinne L. Casazza at the doTERRA essential oils booth. The aroma of essential oils has a direct connection with our brain and can almost instantly raise our emotional state. They’ll be offering some oil blends specifically formulated to work with the wisdom of the heart and also providing free iTOVI scans and wellness evaluations. Come experience the oils!


Nicole Almeida is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and founder of Essentially Sp’OILed for Life. Nicole has been working as a Holistic Health Practitioner and educator for over 20 years. She has authored and co-authored several holistic health courses and is an international presenter for allied health professionals. Her mission is to educate and empower individuals to reach their personal goals, both physically and psychologically by simply living a more natural lifestyle and replacing synthetics with certified pure therapeutic grade products.

Corinne L. Casazza is a DoTERRA wellness advocate and certified essential oils coach. She’s passionate about educating people on health and wellness through the simple art and joy of applying essential oils; changing lives one drop at a time. You can visit her on Facebook at her Oil Alchemy page.


The Flower of Life Store and Lemurian Healing Tools 


The Lemurian Healing Tools are based on the principles of sacred geometry. Created in Sedona, Arizona and Washington State, these "tools" are hand crafted with specific measurements and materials to create a field of energy which enhances both the person and the environment. We craft items that can be worn, utilized in the home, outdoors or office spaces. Uses include environmental clearing, geopathic stress reduction, energy balancing and healing, and meditation enhancement. 


The Flower of Life Store, with its flagship store here in Sedona, carries a variety of metaphysical products, beautiful jewelry, crystals, sacred geometry art, and festival wear as well as sound healing drums, and other unique and fun items.  Stop by our table for a discount coupon which can be utilized at the Sedona location.



Jewelry of the Light by Connie Okelberry



Connie Okelberry has been creating jewelry for 20 years. She feels it’s Divinely inspired and a co-creation with spirit. She’s very excited to bring it to the Embracing Bliss Conference and hopes you’ll find the piece that calls to you!



Purium Health Products


Vibrant aging with Purium Health Products features a full line of non-GMO, Organic, plant-based nutrition. Not a single synthetic or artificial ingredient. Everything comes out of the ground or out of the ocean. Stop by and see what real food-sourced nutrition can do for your health and healing.


Shey Khandro


Fine artist, Shey Khandro uses pointillism in her paintings, small acts creating big results. Buddhas & Butterflies, Dragonflies & more, each dot of paint holds an intention to end suffering in the world. This same intention is part of her sculpture and jewelry line. Beautiful and empowering, you’ll want to experience her work up close. Visit anytime throughout this event. 


You can also gently spin the Wheel of Compassion as you pass by. A gentle turn can release a billion prayers for peace, love and compassion.


Shey Khandro



Sunny Dawn Johnston


Be sure to stop by Sunny Dawn Johnston’s table for lots of inspirational books, cards, jewelry and healing essential oils. Sunny’s books will enlighten and support you as you move out of fear and worry and into a heart space of love and acceptance. Sunny’s Archangel jewelry line reminds you to reach out and ask for support from your Angels at any time any day. Each handmade intention piece is sure to bring joy to your eyes and inspiration to your soul!


Sunny Dawn Johnston


Whole World Botanicals


Whole World Botanicals brings natural health from Peru, from the Amazon to the Andes. Premium organic and wildcrafted botanicals are sourced from indigenous communities, maintaining exceptional standards for purity and potency, and improving sustainability and living conditions for people in their homeland. As a result, all of us are empowered to take charge of our health and well-being, enjoying a renewed connection to Source.


Jorge Luis Delgado is offering magical stones, garments and altar clothes from Peru. 


Jorge Luis Delgado




































































































doTERRA Essential Oils






The Flower of Life Store













Purium Health Products


























































































































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