Self Empowered Wisdom 2017

Thursday full day optional seminars



Thursday, March 16th, 2017


Self-Empowered Wisdom for Writers:

Accessing the Writer Within

with authors Wendy Kitts and Corinne L. Casazza

Thursday March 16th 10 am - 5 pm

Sedona Creative Life Center Chapel


$150 (lunch included)

Early bird discount until January 31st at midnight Eastern

(lunch is still on us)


Register at:


Self-Empowered Wisdom for Writers: Accessing the Writer Within


Do you want to write but can’t seem to get your words onto the page? When you sit down to do it, does even cleaning the toilet look more appealing? Are you afraid if you write full-time you’ll go broke?


Let authors Corinne L. Casazza and Wendy Kitts show you how to get out of your head and into your heart and write from a place that doesn’t know the meaning of writers’ block … that doesn’t worry how you’ll pay your rent … that always trusts the perfect words will flow as easily as the money.


Whether you’re writing a novel, penning a memoir or journaling as a way to connect to your inner Self, learn how to release limiting beliefs that strangle your creativity like a boa constrictor; why you should pay attention to synchronicities (or why Iron Man showed up in hot yoga) and how a meditation from Hathor’s Temple in Egypt can help you write from a place of love and joy.


The practices you’ll learn are simple and you can use them to create whatever you choose. Not only with your writing, but your life too. Corinne created a life of travel, scribbling next to places like the Great Pyramid, and Wendy used these tools to manifest a magical writer’s life, writing from the beach.


So where do you see yourself writing?


Corinne L. Casazza, an international best-selling author based in Massachusetts, was sitting atop a camel next to the Sphinx, when her guide told her after this she’d walk like an Egyptian. This was a big synchronicity since it’s the name of Corinne’s second novel, written long before she ever went to Egypt.


Corinne has published three novels, a best-selling book on relationship and dozens of magazine articles. Her marketing copy has helped many people become best-selling authors on Amazon, including herself!


Corinne strongly believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light. For more information visit her at


At 42, Wendy Kitts, went from a nine-to-five cubicle-gray existence in accounting to living in Technicolor as a writer — without ever having written anything before. Sixteen years later, Wendy has published over 200 magazine and newspaper articles and authored or co-authored multiple books.


She’s a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer based on Mike Dooley’s New York Times bestselling Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living your Dreams and is following her own dreams of living and writing at the beach year-round, splitting her time between Caissie Cape, New Brunswick, and San Diego, California.


Wendy’s passionate about helping writers share their voices, transforming themselves, their lives, and, by extension, the world. Go to for more info on how you can follow your writing whispers within or to get your free copy of Write for Profit & Bliss: Get Paid For Your Writing Now!





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